From receiving to payment terms.  We explain it all below.

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  • Producers can deliver their harvest at the facility in different ways ranging from small bags, tuff bags to bulk.
  • The clean product is immediately transferred into agricultural food grade crates through our unique sample elevator system. This method ensures transparency in the quality of the complete load received.
  • Bulk deliveries will be put through a Pre cleaning system to remove all foreign materials before being transferred into crates.
  • Each load receives a unique GRN identification to ensure traceability throughout.


  • As each load is transferred into crates through our unique sample elevators, a 50kg working sample is systematically extracted from the main stream. This sample represents the full spectrum of the load received and ensure fair and transparent grading results.
  • All samples receive a unique system number to ensure full traceability throughout the production process.
  • Samples are handled in sequence and transferred to the grading department for grading.


  • Our grading team consists of highly skilled personnel with ample experience in the field.
  • Samples are processed through a “Mini Factory” that allows us to get an accurate mirror result of the full load after full scale production. This allows for prompt payment to our producers.

The following factors are considered during the grading process:

  • Any foreign material (stones, clods, sticks, shucks not opened & sand)
  • Cultivar
  • Moisture %
  • SKR % (Sound Kernel Recovery)
  • Size (Oversize, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small)
  • POPS (Underdeveloped, half-filled nuts)
  • Mould/Stained
  • Damaged (Broken shell with exposed kernel)

Payment Terms

SA Pecans have a 100% on-time payment history. Payment proceeds on the Friday of the following week after product is received. All payments are done by internet transfers (EFT).