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We take pride in exporting only the finest in-shell pecans to our customers worldwide. 

Our Core Business

SA Pecans is one of the largest and fastest growing pecan processors in South Africa, nestled in the heart of pecan rich Hartswater, Northern Cape.

Since 2007, our core business is procuring, selling &  exporting of raw pecans in bulk.

We sell in-shell pecans that are cleaned, sized and hand selected and are free from any foreign material, with a maximum moisture content of 4% & a kernal content with a SKR above 56%.  

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SA-Pecans is registered & certified with the following institutions

Focuses on research, development, and the implementation of best practices to improve production quality, efficiency, and sustainability among pecan producers

The Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) is a statutory organization in South Africa tasked with overseeing the quality assurance of perishable products to ensure they meet industry standards for export.

Focuses on ensuring the production process is safe from biological, chemical, and physical hazards by implementing critical control points at various stages of the process.

Empowering Farmers, Ensuring Quality

At the core of our success is our dedicated procurement team, working closely with farmers to manage orchards effectively.

We provide essential knowledge about pecan markets, share market strategies, and offer various pricing options, ensuring our farmers receive top prices for their exceptional pecans.

SA Pecans invites you to be a part of our story, where tradition meets innovation, and South African pecans take center stage.

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